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You might need a new fence to serve as an attractive boundary, a shed for additional storage space, or simply more square footage to accommodate your family.

Why Do You Need Custom Fences?

Custom fences raise the value of your property and provide many benefits including increased privacy, protection, and security. Custom fencing also offers a sensational look to your house. It doesn’t matter who previously designed or constructed your home, because a high quality custom fence will complement the exterior architecture or your property. You can repeat the lines and the architectural designs that are there in your home. Toolbox Renovations will provide you with the fence and gateway you’ve always dreamed of, while protecting your valuable property lines.

What Values Does A Shed Add To Your Home?

A shed can add more value to your house in the eyes of potential buyers. This is typically because of the extra storage space it offers. In recent years, we’ve seen lots of homeowners turn their big storage sheds into laneway houses. This drastically increases the value of your property due to the constant growth of real estate. Whatever you decided to do with your extra space, a shed will almost always reduce the clutter in your house and around your property. Organizing your tools for easy access, storing hazardous chemicals, increase property appeal, and long lasting value are all great reasons to consider upgrading, rebuilding, or adding a storage shed to your property.

When To Consider Home Additions

Home additions are becoming more popular each year. People are typically comfortable and happy with their houses. If you know your family is growing, this is a perfect time to consider a home addition instead of relocating cities, towns, or even provinces. Home additions are a great way to create extra space for your loved ones. If your not adding an entire room, a bump-out is a great way to extend your interior living spaces. By removing or extending existing walls you could easily give your property an additional 50 square feet. Full additions are the most common way of adding extra room to your home. You can add a new bedroom, den, dining room, or living room. The possibilities are restricted by your budget and your lot size. If we can’t build out, we’ll build up to your satisfaction.