Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations Contractor

As a kitchen and bathroom renovations contractor in Kamloops BC, I believe that your kitchen should be among the most inviting rooms in your home. Your bathroom should be a clean space free of clutter and stress.

Popular Kamloops, BC Kitchen Renovations:

Changes to existing, additions or modifications to your kitchen can be performed at relatively low costs but bring value and pride to one of the main rooms of your home. From cold tile floors that give your spine a chill in the winter to old cabinets that have seen better days, there are many things you can change to make your kitchen more attractive and functional. Some of the most commonly requested kitchen renovation projects include:

  • Repaint or refinish the cabinets so they look new
  • Replace the cabinet doors and hardware, selecting a new style
  • Replace older kitchen appliances with Power Smart appliances
  • Redesign the lighting or switch to pot lights
  • Change your kitchen flooring
  • Install a heated subfloor to warm up tile flooring
  • Repaint the walls to brighten up the room
  • Remove/relocate walls and half walls to open up spaces.

The first step is to identify what you would like to change about your kitchen. Minor changes can be performed in short timeframes and cost effective measures.  Major overhauls are costly and should be researched by specialists in the field. Once you know what you would like to change about your kitchen, contact Toolbox Renovations to discuss optional ways to make your changes happen. We can help you define a project plan and work to get you a home renovation estimate that meets your needs without breaking your budget. A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be overly expensive or stressful.

Kitchen Remodelling On a Budget?

If you just want something fresh and modern but your budget is limited, we can talk about applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls and perhaps the cabinets as well. Oftentimes, a new cabinet look can transform a kitchen without great expense. If you want to completely replace your cabinets on a budget, you can consider MDF wrapped in a heat shrunk vinyl coating as an affordable option to wood. If you can’t afford $50 handles and hinges, we will help you find much cheaper options that still give your kitchen the look and feel you desire.