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General Contractors Kamloops, BC

Whether you want to change the appearance, rebuild new, or just revitalize your existing home, we have the expertise, skill, and passion to help you complete your project successfully. Furthermore, we are WCB approved and insured. Toolbox Renovations in Kamloops, BC will work with your budget, guide you toward the appropriate materials, assist you in finding designers, plumbers, electricians, and other professionals you can trust in the interior region and surrounding areas.

Toolbox Renovations Services In Kamloops, BC

Whether you want to change the overall style or theme of your home, need more space for an expanding family, or want to fix damage that has occurred over the years, we have the expertise, skill and passion to help you complete your project successfully. For exterior renovations we specialize in decks, patios, pergolas, stairs, fences, gates, retaining walls, sheds, walkways, roofs, and siding. Interior renovations include kitchens, basements, bedrooms, laundry rooms, doors, windows, trim, closets, flooring, and shelving. Custom Deck Building Services

Custom Decks, Patios, & Pergolas

Expand your living space to the great outdoors. For example, look out to your gardens and smell the roses without a pane of glass blocking your views. Invite your neighbours over for a cookout or have the grandkids over for a backyard camping trip. There are many things you enjoy when you add a sun deck to your home. If you already have a deck but it is no longer safe, functional, or supportive then Toolbox Renovations and our deck builders in Kamloops, BC can help you transform it into a space your entire family will enjoy. Moreover, that includes the little ones who need smooth surfaces free of splinters and loose boards. On the other hand, you may decide that patios offers the same benefits of custom decks. For instance, patios and decks will increase the value of your home, extend your living area, and entertain more guests at low maintenance costs. If you decide you want more protection from the elements while outside on your sun deck or patio, we’ll build you a beautiful pergola. Gazebos, pergolas, and solariums are great additions to outdoor living areas.

Home Addition- Quonset Shelter

Fences, Sheds, Siding & Additions

If you need a new wall to serve as an attractive boundary around your home, a custom fence can help you achieve the look you desire with the appropriate materials and budget for your project. Furthermore, custom fencing allows for easy maintenance of property lines, privacy, protection, and security. If your house is filling up with clutter quickly, it’s probably time for a new shed. In other words, sheds are the ideal storage solution providing you with more space to reduce clutter and stress. Moreover, sheds raise the value of your property and provide added space for work, pleasure, and play. Finally, if you’ve reached a point where the home you love no longer offers the space you need, it may be time to call us to discuss adding onto your home. Whether you need one room or five, we can guide you through the process. We will make sure your Kamloops home addition is attractive, functional, and comfortable for your current and future needs. Home additions may welcome more guests, provide additional square footage to existing rooms, or enclose spaces. Basement Renovation Services

Basement Renovation Services

No matter how much time you spend in your basement, we can help you with all renovation projects occurring at the lowest level of your home. You may have drainage problems that are leaving your basement weak, moldy and damp. You may simply want a more functional space with a bathroom and comfortable living areas. Or, perhaps you want to create a living suite that meets all legal standards in your municipality. These are all services that you can depend on Toolbox Renovations to provide. Learn more about our basement renovation service. Kitchen Remodelling Services

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling

You spend a lot of your time in these two rooms, so they should be as functional and comfortable as possible. Whether you want to do some light kitchen remodelling or bathroom remodelling to transform the look of these rooms or you need to rip it all out and start fresh for a complete remodel, Toolbox Renovations Kamloops, BC general contractors and renovation specialists can walk you through the process one step at a time.

When it comes to general maintenance, home improvement, or remodelling, I’ll take those tasks with first class workmanship.

– Carey Derksen, Toolbox Renovations Owner