Custom Deck Build

Exterior Lumber Deck With Rails

Our custom decks are not your average boring decks. We can design something original for your home that grabs attention and becomes the star of your backyard, the side of your home, or even your front yard. Alternatively, we can keep it on a smaller scale so that it is functional without stealing the show from your garden or other attractive features of your home. Decks are there for functional purposes, but they can also add value to a home and create more enjoyable outdoor living spaces.

Notice that these decks serve a purpose for the home to which they are attached and add some great outdoor space for the homeowner. They were both artfully designed and professionally installed. Notice in these pictures the way the decks transform the overall usability of this great backyard space. Some decks like these are designed to allow entertaining, so they may have a more elaborate or creative design. These decks are often designed to incorporate more open spaces than a traditional deck because guests need places to stand or sit while enjoying their outdoor festivities.  Our custom decks can be created in all different sizes, and you can add other features such as railings or wider steps in order to meet the functional needs of any home.

Basement Renovations

Interior Renovation

If you have owned your house for a very long time or you just bought your house, the chances are high that house will have a basement. The house has greater chances that the basement will not be used properly. It’s because the basement starts to get dirty over time, and nobody has spare time to clean it. If you have a growing family with kids, then getting a basement renovation would be great. You can now set up your basement as a kids’ room or indoor play area.

Furthermore, with a good basement you will add value to your property. This is due to some people consider the basement to be an essential part of their house and they are willing to pay the full asking price for a great basement. A renovated basement will attract more buyers towards your home, making your house rather easy to sell. If your basement has all the essential things, you can rent it out as a separate suite. Otherwise, you can make it as your workshop and start a domestic business there. Make sure to get all the legal permits beforehand.

Kitchen Renovations

From relaxing to entertaining guests, your life is simplified by a professionally remodelled kitchen. Notice that the kitchens here were designed for functionality. The appliances are chosen for their features and then positioned where they are easily accessible. From maximizing storage space to getting rid of cluttered counter space, the new kitchens make daily life easier to handle.

Toolbox Renovations Carey Derksen Clean Modern Kitchen Remake

You can also see that the remodelled kitchens give a new look and feel to the entire home. Kitchens are the centre of the home; they are the heart of the home. Whether the remodel is completed to update an out of date kitchen or to change from one decorative style to another, the new kitchen affects the style, décor and feel of every surrounding room. Picture yourself standing in these remodelled kitchens, and then imagine how you would feel inside these homes. You can enjoy these feelings with your home too.

Bathroom Renovations

Regardless of how much or how little was spent on each of these bathroom  transformations, you can see how they all add value to the homes. These remodelled bathrooms are big attractions for potential buyers when a home is put on the market, and they are big attractions for homeowners who want to live in them rather than sell them. In addition changing faulty faucets, including aerators, and installing an on-demand water heater and a good toilet will ensure that you save money on utility costs.

Carrying out your morning activities in a dirty room crammed with stale and low-quality fixtures can result in frustration. With a renovation, you can choose to install fixtures that will ease your stress after a busy day. You example, you can select the appropriate relaxing and soothing colours for your bathroom. Moreover, you will raise the storage capacity in your bathroom with stunning designs that are available in today’s cabinetry.

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