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What Pictures of Renovations Can Teach You About a Contractor

It is good practice to look for pictures of previous renovation projects completed by a contractor before you hire them to work on your home. Many contractors now offer these pictures on their websites, but you should ask to see pictures from any contractor who comes out to give you a quote. If you come across a contractor who claims to have experience in the industry but who can’t provide pictures of previous work, you should be skeptical about hiring them.

Quality of Work

Contractors will typically offer pictures of their best work because they want to impress you enough to give them more work. This is the same thing as going through a list of references from a contractor knowing they aren’t going to give you contact information for dissatisfied clients. Yet, you can still learn something from these photos.

What does a contractor feel is good work? You will know by looking at their photos from previous jobs. What is the top quality you can expect from a contractor if you hire them to work on your home? Again, you will know by looking at the photos they provide to speak for their work. Bear in mind that they may not be professional quality photos, but they should give enough detail to be useful to you.

Courtesy and Cleanliness

If you look at renovation pictures of completed jobs and see food wrappers, drink bottles, scrap wood, nails and other remnants of construction scattered around, then the contractor may not have enough respect for clients to clean the worksite up thoroughly. If you notice this trend in all or most of the pictures provided, you may want to clarify the amount of cleanup expected before you award that contractor with your business.

Design Ideas and Creativity

If you are hiring a contractor to design a unique deck just for your home or you want a creative design that is not standard in the industry, you should look for signs of creativity and mastery of advanced skills when you look at their pictures. Do they mostly show standard square decks, or have they completed more elaborate, creative projects in the past?

Any contractor can tell you that they have what it takes to bring your deck to life, but some decks do require proficiency in advanced skills and a creative mind for design. Look for signs of that mastery and creativity in the pictures a contractor offers before they are rewarded with your job.